Who, What, Wear: R. Kelly Concert

Good morning and happy Sunday!

I’ve had a relaxing and refreshing weekend at home this weekend, but that doesn’t mean I’ve just been sitting on the couch all weekend!

My friend Grace called me on Friday night and said that she had two extra tickets to the R. Kelly concert that night, so OF COURSE I said yes and ran upstairs as fast as my little legs would carry me to get ready.

Here is what I ended up wearing:


  • Jacket: Marshall’s
  • Tank Top: Victoria’s Secret
  • Leggings: Marshall’s
  • Shoes: Madden Girl (from Buckle)

The concert itself was a lot of fun, even though my friends and I only knew two R. Kelly songs. R. Kelly even brought out Ashanti as an opener and I was SHOOK. Here are a few low-quality Snapchat clips from the concert (sorry for screaming the lyrics in the background, I’m that girl):

Despite all of the legal drama surrounding R. Kelly and the fact that it was a brisk 60 degrees with high winds, it was still a fun night with friends! My lesson from all of this: learn to say yes more often.




My Favorite YouTubers!

Happy Saturday!

I don’t know about you, but I spend a lot (and I mean A LOT) of time watching YouTube videos, especially on a lazy Saturday like today.

Most of the accounts that I follow are mostly beauty, lifestyle, fashion, etc., but every single channel has unique content that I could binge-watch for hours on end. Here are a few of my personal favorites at the moment:

Polina Beregova – Pbbunny97 and DailyPolina

(Photo: PBAstrology Website)

I’ve been following Polina for a while now, but I have been watching her videos so much more recently! She is fitness goals, makeup goals, hair goals, and zen goals. She runs her own astrology brand and frequently discusses the importance of meditation, essential oils, and alignment along with other fashion/beauty content. Her videos feel like you’re hanging out with your best friend and never fail to leave me inspired!


Danielle Marie Carolan

About Me

(Photo: Danielle Marie Carolan Blog)

The first thing that comes to mind when I think about Danielle’s video is that she is a ray of sunshine! She is so energetic and optimistic in all of her videos, and mostly focuses on lifestyle and fashion videos, with the occasional college prep video thrown in. Her videos are great if you need a little pick-me-up!


Patricia Bright

(Photo: Patricia Bright Blog)

Patricia is HANDS DOWN one of my favorite beauty gurus of all time. I stumbled onto her channel by accident one day and never turned back. She has such a sharp sense of humor, and every single video has an underlying theme of girl power and female empowerment, regardless of age, shape, size, color, etc. She is so honest with her videos, whether it’s a makeup review, clothing haul, or even just a quick chat video, and I always feel so fierce after I watch her videos!


Even though there are plenty of amazing beauty gurus and Youtubers, these are my favorites at the moment! If you haven’t watched their videos, I would definitely encourage it!

Until next time!



A Note on Negativity

Good morning!

With summer coming to a close, and the school year fast approaching, I think it is important to step back and take a look at negativity, whether it be from ourselves, from our friends, or from outside influences.

Negativity is something I have always struggled with. Sometimes it’s just easier to focus on the things that have/could go wrong instead of looking on the bright side. But recently, after a conversation with a friend of mine, I realized the impact that negativity can have on people.

I was talking to my friend about astrology and all of this cool stuff I had found out about Pisces and my birth chart, and showed them a video of my favorite YouTuber discussing affirmations and meditations. My friend literally laughed in my face and told me how fake all of it was. I was so excited to share something that was so cool to me with this person, and to have them talk negatively about it was just so discouraging. I literally deflated like a balloon.

I feel like too often we don’t think about the things we say and how they affect other people, including ourselves. If you look in the mirror every morning and point out every single thing you don’t like about yourself, it definitely won’t make you feel confident or raise your self-esteem. On the flip side, if you demoralize someone for doing things a different way than you, it could seriously ruin their mindset.

My final note on the subject: just let people live their lives. If it isn’t harming anyone, and it seems to make the person happy, just stay in your lane. There’s no need to steal other people’s sunshine, because it’s not doing anyone (including you) any favors.

With all of that being said, here is a quote to end on a lighter note:


I hope you all have a lovely, beautiful, radiant, and POSITIVE day.


8 Tips to Make Moving Suck Less

School is about to start which means we get to FINALLY see our friends, tailgate, and get back into activities and routines! But, unfortunately, this also means it’s moving season.

If you got a knot in your stomach while you read that, then you and I are a lot alike. Let’s be honest, moving sucks. No one likes to pack up all of your stuff, load it, move it, unload it, and unpack it, only to repeat the same process 9 months later.

I just finished a move this weekend into a temporary apartment, and because my one for the school year is still being built, I will have another move in about 3 weeks. So in honor of moving season (ugh), here are 13 tips that I use to make moving a little bit easier:

  1. Use what you have. Old t-shirts, leftover paper towel, and kitchen/bathroom towels can all be used as packing material for dishes, lamps, and anything else you don’t want breaking during the move. No need to buy bubble wrap!
  2. The lighter you pack boxes, the better. Trust me on this one, it may seem like an accomplishment to fit everything in your bedroom into two Rubbermaid totes, but carrying heavy containers up and down flights of stairs can be exhausting and even dangerous! Save yourself a sore back and pack lighter, it’s worth the extra trips.
  3. Donate old/useless items. This is a really awesome tip because it gets things you don’t need out of your hair, and gives them a home with someone else. Consider donating old clothes, shoes, bags, and even home decor or office supplies to your local Goodwill or homeless shelter. Make a difference in someone’s life and the way you move!
  4. Put your clothes in the trash. Yes, you read that correctly. If you have extra (CLEAN) garbage bags, simply cut a hole in the bottom just big enough for your hanger loop to fit through them. You can then put a whole handful of hung clothes in the bag and lay them in your car, keeping them safe, dry, wrinkle-free, and ready to hang up when you get to your new abode. Simply take off the garbage bag, and voila!
  5. Start packing before you need to move. I cannot stress this enough! If you wait to start packing the day you need to leave, you are much more likely to overpack and pack messily. Instead, make a plan for the week before you move, conquering one area of your room/apartment each day (i.e. pack the kitchen Monday, bathroom Tuesday, etc.).
  6. Rent a storage unit/PODS unit. This. Is. Invaluable. If you’re like me, you have a few awkward weeks between your leases, or maybe you’re even going home for an entire summer before heading back to school. Renting a storage unit will save you SO MUCH time hauling stuff back and forth, especially if you live across the state like me. While I was moving this time, some girls in my building were moving everything into a big shipping container in the parking lot. It was a PODS unit, and the company picks it up/drops it off where you need it, and will even store it for you! This is a great tip, especially if storage units are scarce.
  7. Cardboard boxes. This is a trick that I used when I moved out of my apartment this weekend. Instead of dropping money on plastic totes (which can add up), go to your local grocery store and ask if they have any big cardboard boxes you can have. Most of the time they will let you have them, no problem. An employee actually set them aside for my friends and I! Just make sure you also pick up duct tape to tape the box closed!
  8. Enlist help. As the saying goes, “Many hands make light work”. Buy a couple pizzas and invite some friends over, or pick a time to move when your parents can help! It may seem like you can do it all by yourself, but it’s much more fun (and goes by much quicker) with other people!

Hopefully you can put these tips to good use and breeze right through moving! Even though it’s never easy, these will make the process a little more pain-free.


Is this thing on?

Hello, hello!

Welcome to my very first blog post on Dreaming in Italics! I am so excited to finally start this journey, as DIT has been a brainchild of mine for years now. I originally started out on Tumblr under the same domain (which is still active, check it out!), but I realized that I could be doing so much more.

Entering college, I wasn’t sure where I belonged or what group I fit into. The first two years I joined different clubs, organizations, volunteer groups, etc., but I never really found anything that made me whole. But then my sophomore year I went through recruitment and joined Phi Sigma Sigma! While Greek Life isn’t for everyone, and that’s okay, I want to give advice on how to navigate the world of sororities, because after joining I had to learn the ropes myself!

I want Dreaming Italics to become a hub for all of the things a college girl could ever need to know: from what to wear on a date, sorority recruitment, to a concert, etc. to how to get good grades and ace an interview. There are sure to be many fashion/beauty posts, because as anyone who knows me knows, I am a shopaholic.

So thank you for joining me on this first baby step toward making Dreaming in Italics the vision in my head. I hope you stick around, because it’s going to be a fun (and beautiful) ride.