Is this thing on?

Hello, hello!

Welcome to my very first blog post on Dreaming in Italics! I am so excited to finally start this journey, as DIT has been a brainchild of mine for years now. I originally started out on Tumblr under the same domain (which is still active, check it out!), but I realized that I could be doing so much more.

Entering college, I wasn’t sure where I belonged or what group I fit into. The first two years I joined different clubs, organizations, volunteer groups, etc., but I never really found anything that made me whole. But then my sophomore year I went through recruitment and joined Phi Sigma Sigma! While Greek Life isn’t for everyone, and that’s okay, I want to give advice on how to navigate the world of sororities, because after joining I had to learn the ropes myself!

I want Dreaming Italics to become a hub for all of the things a college girl could ever need to know: from what to wear on a date, sorority recruitment, to a concert, etc. to how to get good grades and ace an interview. There are sure to be many fashion/beauty posts, because as anyone who knows me knows, I am a shopaholic.

So thank you for joining me on this first baby step toward making Dreaming in Italics the vision in my head. I hope you stick around, because it’s going to be a fun (and beautiful) ride.




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