Who, What, Wear: R. Kelly Concert

Good morning and happy Sunday!

I’ve had a relaxing and refreshing weekend at home this weekend, but that doesn’t mean I’ve just been sitting on the couch all weekend!

My friend Grace called me on Friday night and said that she had two extra tickets to the R. Kelly concert that night, so OF COURSE I said yes and ran upstairs as fast as my little legs would carry me to get ready.

Here is what I ended up wearing:


  • Jacket: Marshall’s
  • Tank Top: Victoria’s Secret
  • Leggings: Marshall’s
  • Shoes: Madden Girl (from Buckle)

The concert itself was a lot of fun, even though my friends and I only knew two R. Kelly songs. R. Kelly even brought out Ashanti as an opener and I was SHOOK. Here are a few low-quality Snapchat clips from the concert (sorry for screaming the lyrics in the background, I’m that girl):

Despite all of the legal drama surrounding R. Kelly and the fact that it was a brisk 60 degrees with high winds, it was still a fun night with friends! My lesson from all of this: learn to say yes more often.




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